Freelancers. So what?

Last week ecomgroup had an interesting meeting with Netmarketing, one of the leading companies in UX, based in Rotterdam. Their CEO Ronald Verschueren was asked to give his opinion about our business model to work exclusively with freelancers in stead of payrolled employees. His recent article in Emerce about the small profit that full service internet agencies reached last year, got to our attention since this is one of our drivers to start ecomgroup. We simply see that these agencies are no longer able to keep the best professionals on board, have problems with the hit-and-run projects that have to start in Q4 every year, followed by a period of rest in the first quarter every year and simply take too much time to roll out new ideas and promotions for customers. So what?

So what?

“So what” is what Roland repeatedly said when scrolling our website. So what that ecomgroup states that we see much more freelancers working in e-commerce. So what that we state that we’ve seen all the customer challenges when working with full service agencies. “You should’t talk about we, you should talk about the customer” Whats important for them? Why should they work with Ecomgroup, or use any of the new ideas and concepts like ecommercenetwork? “Try to explain whats our solution to their pain”. Sometimes we are so 3.0 that we forget about the basics of marketing….so here we go:

As an ecomgroup customer, you have the best specialists available in the market -> and not the trainee
He/ she works exclusively for you -> you are no longer the 2nd best customer
As an ecomgroup customer, you don’t pay overhead costs -> agencies use 100% upcharge sometimes
You are free to go to any other supplier, whenever you want -> no vendor lockin and 36 months contracts
You can always reach our e-commerce personal assistent (e-PA) 24×7 -> no answering machines
You receive invoices as usual, but now with up to 50% lower amounts -> you can do twice as much promotions
And only for the exact time that our freelancers spent to your task -> 45 minutes is not 1 hour…..