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Ecomgroup is full of ideas.

Not all of them survive the weeks after the brainstorm but some are already changing the e-commerce strategy and operations of our customers. Right now we created and launched the following e-commerce concepts that are based on the common values of Ecomgroup: flexibility, cost reduction, quality and faster time to market:


ecomgroup Ecommercenetwork.nl | freelance your e-commerce

ecomgroup Ecommercemanagement.nl | manage your e-commerce operation

ecomgroup Ecommercesupport.nl | nearsource your e-commerce support


Why are we creating new concepts?

Because we’ve seen so many enthousiastic and qualified staff in eastern europe, we’ve seen the need for a faster time to market at the customer side, we’ve seen so many good freelancers working on great projects, we’ve seen the high hourly rates and long term binding contracts of full service internet agencies, we’ve seen, we’ve seen, we’ve seen it all.   Now it’s time to help you at half the money and twice the quality.

Please have a look at one of our concepts or contact us by e-mail or phone:

+31 648 352 801 (Martijn Smit) +31 614 299 352 (Igor Verhoeven)

Our claim

Our claim

We’re different

In April 2014 we started Ecomgroup, introducing blended sourcing to the Netherlands. In the past two years we have worked a lot with dynamic teams on different e-commerce projects. By combining the development skills of our Eastern Europe developers with the knowledge of independant online specialists from the Netherlands we improved quality of our work and we reduced costs and time to market in our projects. We feel it is time to change the game and by sharing these advantages with you, we feel we can save a lot of time and money without losing quality.

Our claim: we can save 25% on your personnel costs and 50% on the budget you are paying agencies.

Ecomgroup always looks for the best people to fix your online challenges. Instead of selling our staff to do your work, we select the best available online people to help you finish your project or job. We work with a large pool of independent online experts as well as with highly skilled developers from different countries.

We can help you with writing out your tasks or projects and by finding the right specialists to manage the project, develop the code or do the job. With us you only pay hours you have approved, so forget about unwanted definition studies, upcharges, management fees or other unexpected lines in your invoice.

Want to see what transparency looks like? Contact us for a free introduction.


cost affective - ecomgroup

Cost effective

Working with ecomgroup means no hidden or unexpected overhead costs.

Less time to market - ecomgroup

 Less time to market

The advantage of a network is the availability of resources.We don’t put our customers in line.

Less time to market - ecomgroup

More quality 

With us, you hire the best specialists for the job, not the people available at the agency.

Flexible - ecomgroup

High Flexibility

For any kind of demand we can offer a solution using the power of our network



Meet Martijn Smit and Igor Verhoeven

Together we have over 30 years of e-xperience …

Martijn Smit


15 years of IT and e-commerce management, founder of managed hosting company Stone-IT . Former Managing Director of Smile Netherlands for PostNL E-commerce, Roompot Holidays, Neckermann, ANWB and MS Mode.

Igor Verhoeven


15 years of e-commerce management, former e-commerce (project) manager of a.o. Free Record Shop, Moviemax, Kruidvat, Kijkshop, Prénatal, Lucardi, Selexyz, and former director of Symfony and Smile Netherlands

Account Manager

Job Opening

We are hiring! Are you our new account manager? Working at ecomgroup means: flexibility, e-commerce in your vains, great customers and brands, freedom and by the way: a good salary. Send your resume and motivation to info@linuxstaffing.nl

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Let’s meet!

We love to create new e-commerce concepts with creative and open minded people. We love to work with companies who share the same thoughts about working with flexible professionals. Feel free to contact us by phone or drop us a line. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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(+31) 614 299 352 | Mobile Igor Verhoeven
(+31) 648 352 801 | Mobile Martijn Smit
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